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Rural Community in Development (RUCID) is a local non-Governmental organization based in Mityana District. Was registered in 1994 by the National NGO board to operate in Uganda. The core business was and is still interacting with communities to explore ways of transforming agriculture from being a burden and punishment to a noble occupation.

RUCID has the following subsidiary departments: a community outreach department working with the communities to ensure sustainable agriculture with sustainable rural development.

RUCID ORGANIC AGRICULTURE TRAINING COLLEGE, a college which was started for the goal of attracting youths into agriculture, youths are the pilar that can carry on agriculture into the future generation; without them, the future of agriculture is doomed.

Food processing department, this department works towards innovations which supports reduction of food wastes which is among the channels leading to losses discouraging farmers to increase productivity. Under the agro processing, youths are attracted to RUCID to discover their potentials through the skilling programs. through the skilling programs a good number of the youths are able to be engage in gainful employment.

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