The environment has degenerated as a result of human activities.

Healthy soil healthy food initiative is geared to implementing innovations which create avenues towards ensuring repair of our environment. In this post we shall visit a number of initiatives working towards recreating healthy environment. Our tour will take us to different regions of Uganda. Regenerative agriculture calls for working with natural processes, example, in nature, decomposition is an ongoing process, plats shade leaves every season, falling on the ground, the microorganisms begin the decomposition process, during the decomposition complex compounds are simplified, nutrients in the organic matter are released into the soil ready to be taken by the plants.

During photosynthesis, the plant manufacture sugars in the leaves, the sugars are transported down to the roots via the stem. Roots experience turgidity thereafter, exudation takes place. Microbes around the roots, feed on the exudates and simplify into simple sugars. Microbes die and decomposition takes place thereby releasing nutrients which the plant will take up as the nutrients again for its nutrition, this becomes part of regeneration and continuity.

Leaves manufacture food for the plant, leaves are a composition of nutrients derived from the soil.

Plants or trees shed their leaves; the leaves are deposited on the ground/soil. Nature, always admires keeping the surface of the earth under cover (live/cover crop or dead mulch)

Leaves find the microbe ready to welcome them. The process of decomposition begins, the leaves turn into leaf mold and finally turn into humus.

Fungi break down the complex matter to allow it to be taken up by plant roots

The process is continuous in nature until and unless man disturbs the system. Fingi play a vital role in the decomposition process. Have you ever imagined; how much load of organic matter would be on the surface of the earth if there were no fungi!!

Application of fungicides breaks down the natural system of decomposition. This declines the life of the soil

Farmer imitates nature by providing mulch; the fungi carry on the decomposition process.

Agro ecology trail

Trail in Kasese


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