Rucid Organic Agriculture Training College

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Registered in 1994, Rural Community in Development (RUCID) has been in existence since 1990. RUCID’s primary aim is to work with small holder farmers so that they can improve and sustain their agricultural production, household income, environmental protection, health issues, nutrition, and women in development.

Our main objectives.


Hope For The Future.


Collaboration & Partnership

Simplicity & Accessibility

Working with Nature




To contribute significantly to the spread of healthy and sustainable food production and consumption practices in Uganda. RUCID’s focus is the strengthening of small-scale farmers of all ages through educational activities and by facilitating the development of working examples (whose experiences are documented and shared) in Mityana, Mubende and Kiboga.


To be a leading and innovative organization providing and disseminating knowledge and skills in sustainable organic agriculture.


The ultimate goal is to empower small holder households, to increase their capacity for sustainable (organic) agriculture by promoting agricultural technologies which are economically viable, environmentally friendly, socially just, and culturally accepted. Furthermore, to improve on their lively hood through increased income from their agricultural activities and other related farming operations.

RUCID also aims adding value to a variety of farm produce, sale them locally, regionally and internationally.