Rucid Organic Agriculture Training College

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Greeting to you all our clients.

Am sure every one has been waiting to have the updates at RUCID. We are fine and serving our customers in all departments.

The skilling program is in progress and the trainees will soon take their practical skill assessment during the first week of August 2023.

Vacancies are available for the next group which is due to begin 14/08/2023. The target Districts are: Mukono, Buyikwe, Kampala, Wakiso, Luweero and Mityana. The target group is 18 to 30 years old, both male and female. The training is residential. Female contribute Sh 60,000 for the DIT practical assessment, while male trainee contributes Sh.100,000/= for the DIT assessment. However, each trainee is advised to have protective gear as required by processing standard operating procedures. The SOPs can be obtained from the college but at a fee.

Skilling program is a tool which is opening up hidden potentials of individuals. Do not suffocate your potential come and have an opportunity and an experience of how to grab the keys to open your future. Many have you can too.

Register now. Call +256 78 2 834083

The new students for diploma and certificate students will report for their semester 23/08/2023, register now to win a bursary. 

The annual students’ exchange program is in progress, KIOF and TATI groups from Kenya are at RUCID while the RUCID group is in Kenya. Learning is in progress.

Trainees for skilling in agro processing phase one is concluded with DIT practical assessment and a study visit to Kiddawalime Bakery in Mityana

Directorate of Industrial Training assessing the trainees in the skilling program at RUCID
We learn together to open up the hidden potentials in us, but assessment is an individual activity
Visting a well-established bakery Kiddawalime in Mityana
Some of the products made by the trainees in skilling program at RUCID