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Rucid Organic College

RUCID is along term training institution in organic agriculture for rural youth, development agents and grassroots farmers groups. This training is conducted using different methodologies according to the needs of the trainees.

RUCID college is a subsdiary department of RURAL COMMUNITY IN DEVELOPMENT (RUCID)

The college was initiated for a given number of goals including but not limited to:

1. Producing individuals who will do agriculture in a more professional way and with a business mind.


2. Produce individuals who will satisfy their employers and their clients to the level of being appreciated instead of being tolerated.

3. Produce individuals with curiosity to gain more knowledge in the fields of agriculture and rural development to be able to carry on their profession into the future for human development.

It is an opportunity and an experience to study at RUCID.

Studying at RUCID, one will acquire keys into the future, just chose the right key then the future will open its gates to let you in.

At RUCID there is a secret which inculcates hope for the future; will never lose hope at whatever the situation may be good or bad. Keep on the opportunity is coming next door.

Better farming METHODSSKILLS yield the best harvest


To contribute significantly to the spread of healthy and sustainable food production and consumption practices in Uganda.


To be a leading and innovative organization providing and disseminating knowledge and
skills in sustainable organic agriculture.


Building A well established youth that take the back born of the country with some kind of great respect.

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Dear readers, I welcome all our visitors to this website. It is a pleasure to host you and we have to value you so much that we have to wish you the best from the Almighty.

RUCID ORGANIC AGICULTURE TRAINING COLLEGE is found 4 km from Mityana town along Namutamba road, in Kigogozi cell/ village, Kireku ward/ parish, Busimbi division/ subcounty, Mityana municipality, Mityana District. The college is an autonomous subsidiary of RURAL COMMUNITY IN DEVELOPMENT (RUCID), a limited company by guarantee.

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Dried Fruits

Preserved dried fruits from our farm

Organic Juices

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