Our History

Our organization has been training farmers in organic production of fruits and other crops. Now these farmers are able to sell their fruits as organic produce and they can make decisions about the prices and who to buy their produce. Each of such farmers sees life differently compared to the earlier times. The homesteads are food secure because they do not sell food for cash needs.

Strategic Interventions

Running an institution which offers comprehensive and certified training in sustainable Organic Agriculture in Uganda.

Having organized and self-driven short term training in organic farming practices (including food processing) for income and food security.

Having an efficient and cost effective follow-up and on-spot advice system whereby farmers, extension workers and opinion leaders within the target area are fully participating.

Being an active member in networks and collaborating with other people and agencies for effective service delivery to our target groups.

Having an improved eco-farm which will give rise to at least one eco-village in each of our target communities.

Promoting farmers learning from other farmers through good working examples and wide spread knowledge within communities.