This is to say that thanks be to God for bringing us so far since Jan 2017, now 2018 is knocking at the door. I have to congratulate you upon the long journey. Sorry for those who have gone through difficult times including myself who lost my father just last month of Nov.

Never mind God still is in control.

To all our parents and guardians  thank you for entrusting with your children,I believe they are not the same and we are committed to serve you more in the coming year. To our students I congratulate you upon having traveled the journey through the year, it has been an opportunity and an experience. Hope for the future.

I can not leave out our partners, including KIOF, Ministry of Education, Local government, and any others who have supported us in this noble work of training youths of the region. Oh !! Lecturers have done great work in class and practical work, good work done.

We have a highlight of 2018:

Internship for short course in food processing and value addition will begin 15/01/2018, a few vacancies are still available, apply in time.The course is basically practical, in food processing and value addition.Basic requirements are between 14 and 35 years of age, with formal or no formal education levels, with interest to learn and innovations, ready to take up food processing as a life time  occupation; ready to contribute Shilling Three hundred twenty thousand for the three months of training. Basic accommodation and meals are fully catered for by the college in partnership with AVSI- SKY project.

the first group of interns completed their session on 29/11/2017, with a DIT examinations; we are waiting for their results

National examinations are conducted by Directorate Industrial Training (DIT) of the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Students for distance learning program will start their four weeks training 15/01/2018.

The semester for full time students will begin 04/02/2018.

Students’ annual exchange program with KIOF will begin 18/02/2018.

The annual graduation at RUCID will be 26/04/2018

Wait for more news and events to come soon

Wishing you the best during and through the festival season.



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