Our valued visitors, we introduce you into the year 2019, the year will provide the opportunity and experience to all of the members of RUCID community to get prepared for the future.

The year 2018 is swiftly coming to an end, however we have had successes and failures at the same time, but that is normal. We take the opportunity to invite you to join us in sharing  the opportunities and experience. It is our task and responsibility to care and sustain the natural resources, without which, our livelihoods will be compromised.

The first semester (February to May 2018) RUCID/KIOF annual exchange was successfully conducted,students from both institutions traveled and had the exploration beyond the boarders.

The semester had an eye opener in Biofertilizer production for improving our soils for improved crop production, our students have a different way of looking at the microbes in their role and importance in managing the soil.

We hosted students form the Mountains of the Moon University and Makerere University for their internship exercise for a period of 10 weeks.

We hosted Professors and students from SLU University from Sweeden together with Makerere University for one day. They were able to identify suitable environment for research in organic technologies being carried on t RUCID.

Students attended a one month industrial training in Farm management at Makerere University Research Institute at Kabanyolo.

Another training in Biofertilizer production was conducted at RUCID, the training was organized by AFSA, the participants were from different countries of Africa; the composition made the continental training in Biofertilizers. Participants came from Ethiopia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, DRC- Congo, Kenya, Uganda. This gathering resulted into into sharing opportunity and experience.

Students are exposed to practical and theory mode of training, early morning before lectures each student is working on his / her plot and then late in the evening after lectures,students return to their plots. This kind of training is giving opportunity and experience to our students to manage crops on their farm sand can become change agent in their communities.

80% of the student who participated in the field attachment have successfully completed the attachment; the remaining group has to organize their work and will be supervised soon as well.

Students are getting ready for their national examination for National Certificate in Agriculture stage 1, 2 and National Diploma in crop and animal production and management.

Our next in take will be in January 2019.

Came and we join hands in building sustainable farming.



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