RUCID’s primary aim is to work with small holder farmers so that they can improve and sustain their agricultural production, household income, environmental protection, health issues, nutrition, and women in development.

Our Values

Our Goal

The ultimate goal is to empower small holder households, to increase their capacity for sustainable (organic) agriculture by promoting agricultural technologies which are economically viable, environmentally friendly, socially just, and culturally accepted. Furthermore, to improve on their lively hood through increased income from their agricultural activities and other related farming operations.

RUCID also aims adding value to a variety of farm produce, sale them locally, regionally and internationally.

Our Target Groups


IMG_20151026_093424Our main target groups are the small farmers including women and youths (irrespective of religious, cultural differences and political affiliations) Other important target group include, Youths who did not get a chance to join tertiary institution after completing their Ordinary and Advanced mainstream education level, agriculture extension workers, students of higher learning, and rural communities, Colleges and Universities.  Another target audience includes school leavers interested to take up organic farming as a business and livelihood, traders, exporters, Importers, consumers of natural products, suppliers of processing equipment, Government agencies and civil society organization interested in community and agricultural development.

Our programme is open to all and cooperates with farmer groups (male, female and youth) who show interest in RUCIDs sustainable (organic) agricultural activities and efforts.  However, the target groups are not homogeneous.  In addition to this, women and youths represent the more active and innovative parts of the farming communities.