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This is to announce a short course training in food processing and value addition at RUCID ORGANIC AGRICULTURAL TRAINING COLLEGE MITYANA. The course will be in two phases and each phase will admit 25 participants. Phase one will begin 1/9/2017, while phase two will begin 1/2/2018.

Applications are invited from interested candidates, the applicant must have interest in food processing either already in the processing industry, but wishing to upgrade or even beginners are welcome. the applicant must be ready to continue with processing or be employed else where after the training.

Training will basically be practical with minimum theory if any at all. Training will focus on juice extraction from local fruits and drying fruits and herbs.

The duration of the course is strictly four (4) months however with intensive monitoring for the coming two years.

The training is residential; accommodation is available, mattresses are provided at the college.

The participant is required to make a contribution towards the training as shown in the requirement list, while RUCID and AVIS will top up the cost. The requirement sheet list can be downloaded from our website www.rucid.org.

All the money is paid into the college account, the bank slip can be downloaded.

Applicant must be between 14 and 35 years old; not below and not above.

Target group is central Uganda however those from out side central will also be considered for this opportunity.

External examinations will be prepared for the proper assessment of the participants.

For more information contact: Mr. Nyanzi Samuel 0772 469 003, or call 077 2 479 668

email: bireke2001@yahoo.com, rucid.admin@rucid.org



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