College Administrators

Mr. Ssebadduka Elisha Bireke
College Principal

Mr. Ssebadduka Elisha is the Principal for Rural Community In Development (RUCID) College and the International Inspector for Organic Production.

Tel: +256-772-479-668 (Office) / +256-790-441-979 (Mobile)


Mr. Nyanzi Samuel
Executive Director

Mr. Nyanzi is the founder and CEO of this company. He has led the company so well since 2000 till date. Consultant for International Organic Agriculture.

Tel: +256-392-966-953 (Office) / +256-772-469-003 (Mobile)


Ms. Namuleme Mary

Madaam Mary is the Financial Personnel and Administrator of this company.

Tel: +256-772-479-668 (Office) / +256-782-278-296 (Mobile)


Staff Members

Mr. Peter Kasirye
Sustainable agriculture promoter

Master craftsman advisor in the food sector for micro and small enterprise development. Manufacturing sector skills council-skilling Uganda program.

Tel: +256-758-598-289 (Mobile)


Mr. Gitta Joseph
Organic marketing specialist

He is a specialist at all levels for sustainable agriculture in view of agricultural economics. An expert in communications and public relations for sustainable development both locally and internationally. A gender champion that aim at creating equal rights and opportunities between men and women especially in relation to leadership access to resources and equal representation in a multicultural environment.A project planning and management that love to see projects initiated attain vibrancy for improved standards of living.

Tel: +256-773-307-233 (Mobile)



Tutor in microbiology

Tutor in research and statistics

Tutor in poultry and piggery

Mr. Tamale George
Accounts clerk

Working with RUCID Organization, food processing department as accounts clerk/ store keeper.

Tel: 0755868780/0772153302