HOMELAND ORGANICS AND AGRO TOURISM CENTER (Ltd), is managed by Mr. Tumwebaze Julius, and is located 20 kilometers from Mubende town along Mubende Fort Portal highway. Mr. Tumwebaze has been collaborating with RUCID since 2003 when he was a teachers at Kirume Parents Primary School. He participated in a farmer exchange visit to St Jude, Busense Masaka in 2005, since then his passion turned to become a full time farmer and trainer; Once in time he was a district councilor for Kibalinga sub county, but time came he returned to his passion to realize his passion of being a farmer and trainer of farmers with emphasis on youths.

Different people are branding the centre differently, at the start the residents watched a man acquiring barren land which could not be productive at all; the saler was relieved to sell the land, animal keepers in the area rejoiced because he had created free grazing land for them, since he was staying about 10 km away from the place, he had almost not control over the land. In the beginning his crops would be destroyed by cattle. When the idea of a training centre started with the simple cotages, he was branded a traditional healer, with the improvement of the structures to the current status, they branding the centre as suitable for a pub and club.

He is a KULIKA farmer trainer and a member of Kazo farmers’ group in Kasaana parish, Kibalinga Sub County.

Amidst all that Julius is not diverted, he still emphasizes developing the center to be able to offer specialized services.

He is currently developing a training centre which is providing the following services:

Permaculture and organic farming

Bee keeping, fish farming, fruit and vegetable production and marketing

Farm shop and kitchen for local foods

Camping,woofing, berbeque, Home stay and community walks;

Other services are in plan in the near future like swimming, canoeing and bird watching.



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