February 2020 semester opened 23/02/2020 at RUCID

Warm greetings to you all.

Our semester for new students opened 23/02/2020, student for certificate and diploma are reporting. Some vacancies are still available enroll now.

by not enrolling now you will miss the kind of training leading you to self employment.

You will miss participating in feeding the nation with highly nutritious foods.

You will miss acquiring key into into the gates into the future.

You will miss sharing knowledge with friends from Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, Congo, Tanzania, Ethiopia and other parts of the world.

Hands on practical training is valued highly, to be able to produce competent practitioners, as professional farmers, extension/service providers, and can upgrade for their degree courses,  at private and public universities.

Enroll now a few vacancies are still available.

Examined by RUCID/ KIOF academic board and

Uganda Business,Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB)

The semester will run up to May 2020.


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