Studying at RUCID ORGANIC AGRICULTURAL TRAINING COLLEGE, MITYANA, provides you with an opportunity to explore the potentials which are in the future. Opportunities include adoption and mitigation of the climate change effects, producing qualitative food and in sustainable quantities, creating jobs rather than seeking for jobs, paving the road into nature,and much more.

When you get to Mityana insist to be taken to RUCID COLLEGE, located in Lubanja village, please do not be miss led, we are there to provide you with the best. We produce professional farmers who can start and manage their farms; we produce excellent service providers who are not tolerated but appreciated, we produce graduates who qualify for higher studies for their first degrees and beyond. Don’t miss the opportunity,join us you will rejoice together.

We have certificate programs, Diploma programs and short courses (skilling programs) in selected studies. Certificate students are Uganda Certificate Education (UCE) holders, while Diploma students are Uganda Advanced Certificate (UACE) certificate holders. Interns for Skiling programs may not have gone to school but are trainable.

Practical studies are our strength to be able to train for action in the field, theory is an added advantage.

RUCID ORGANIC AGRICULTURAL TRAINING COLLEGE, MITYANA, operates on semester arrangement, we have two semesters per year; and we have two in takes per year. The first enrollment is in February and the second enrollment is in July. Our exchange program with KENYA INSTITUTE OF ORGANIC AGRICULTURE (KIOF) takes place from February to May. During the exchange students get opportunity to have real experience of the methods of farming practices and experiences in the East African region. students get opportunities of being employed across the boarders.

We have a strong collaboration with different universities and other institutions in the country, region and internationally, this gives us strong networking.


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