We have to give praise to the almighty for having taken us through the August /December 2017. It has been long since we started but by His grace the end of year holidays have started.

Lectures have been conducted well by our dedicated staff both non teaching and the teaching staff, the neighbors have been friendly and supportive at all times.

Students have participated enough infield practicals at the college and away from the college. Practicals have included opening and establishing gardens for various crops ingenious and exotic;this has give them managerial experiences with different crops.However a few students were reactant to participate voluntarily assuming that it was benefiting the college and the tutors. We can not allow them to lose direction because we are committed that we see our students becoming professional farmers, excellent service providers in the field of work and we wish to see them becoming scholars to support the development of organic agriculture.

Our students for the first time since the college was started,they had an opportunity of visiting the National Animal Genetic Resource Center, they were able to learn a lot more about selection and animal breeding measures.

the students participated in an industrial training in farm management a Makerere University research Center, Kabanyolo farm, the training was for one month.

We visited Kakonde Tea estate to explore how quality is manged in the tea value chain and to learn more about agricultural marketing in the tea industry.

We hosted student from ECOAST college in Mityana for a seminar with the theme of organic management of pets and diseases in order to be able to produce safe foods with minimum or non toxic chemical residues.

We have conducted a short course training for 22 interns (within age bracket of 14 to 34 years) in food processing and value addition from1/9/2017 and they sit for their examinations on29/11/2017. The examination is prepared and to be administered by the directorate of Industrial Training (DIT)an organ of the Ministry of Education.Appreciation goes to AVSI-SKY project who have worked tirelessly to see that this project is successful.

Our certificate students completed their stage one examinations in National Certificate of Agriculture on 17/11/2017.  The diploma students are also ready to sit for their first semester examinations begin on 29/11/2017,we wish the success.

Our project for being accredited by the National Council for Higher Education is slow but we are committed to accelerate come 2018.

It is more necessary than before to work tirelessly to process the UBTEB examination Center.This is among the major projects for the year 2018.

The next semester will begin 4/2/2018 for the full time certificate and diploma students; the training for the interns in food processing and value addition will begin 15/1/2018. The study for the Distance Learning program will commence on15/1/2018 and will last for 3 weeks

The annual Exchange program with Kenya Institute Of Organic Farming will begin 18/2/2018.

Best wishes for holiday that has started.


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