A Wonderful experience and opportunity

RUCID, a long term training organization in Sustainable Organic Agriculture for farmers, Youths, Development Agents and Extension Workers in collaboration with Kenya Institute of Organic Farming (KIOF) based in Kenya.

RUCID has launched a joint training programme for youths and other interested persons. This is the first of its kind in Uganda and it gives an opportunity for students to get a formal training in Sustainable organic Agriculture, Organic Animal Husbandry, adding value and processing of farm produce, Marketing, Biomedicine, appropriate technology Information Technology and Extension.

All these courses lead to the award of either a Certificate or a Diploma.

Students are given an opportunity to study an additional course in Tropical Agriculture examined by Uganda Business and Techinical Institutions Examination Board (UBTEB) without paying extra fees and this is done simultaneously with the main Sustainable Organic Agriculture Course.

Practical Learning:

Students exposed to this programme will experience hands on learning situation in:-

Organic Production methods in crops and animal husbandry

Ethno veterinary medicine/Veterinary science

Organic Product Processing, Value Addition and Certification

Organic Packaging and marketing both locally and internationally

Rural Community extension and group mobilization for marketing and general development

Appropriate technology

Information technology