A good number of applicants have shown interest if joining RUCID College but some financial constraints have limited them, and they have been requesting for a non residential program. From the forth coming semester this request has been granted by revising the fees structure to cater for both residential and non residential courses.

However the nonresident students will be required to participate in all the extra curriculum activities leading to the award of the Certificates and Diplomas. It will require the students to compensate the time during their free time for example week end sessions.

Wishing all convenient participation in improving our service delivery

The following groups of students will report back for the August 2017 semester as follow:
Certificate year 1 semester 2, Certificate year 2semester 1, Diploma year 2 semester 1 and Diploma year 1 semester 2 will report n 10/07/2017 then will clear college dues and travel to Makerere University, Research Institute, Kabanyolo on 16/7/2017.

The semester will be comprised of both theory and practical training manged by professional lecturers and instructors experienced both in local and international agricultural development issues.

Field study program will supplemented class work, students will visit farms where organic agriculture has been practiced and is successful.

Student must be guided in initiating profitable projects where an individual can start small and stay growing towards sustainable development.

Students will share their different cultural aspects related to effects on development, which will help students appreciate diversity in sustainable development.

The new students will report on 14/08/2017


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