Rural Community in Development (RUCID) started in 1994 as an NGO; working with rural farmers helping them realize that farming is a profit making occupation.

The Entire Story

The Kickoff

5-600x344Rucid was started with a demo farm of 1.8 acres trying out information gathered from research stations on the farm and so helping the farmers to apply the knowledge. It also tried information gathered from the farmers; imitating local farm practices in a better and improved way, thereby helping the farmers to improve their farming methods.

In 1995 the demo farm was relocated to Lubanja, 3.5 km from Mityana town off the road to Namutamba. In 1997 it expanded to the current 8.3 acres. It also diversified and put up buildings on the farm. The first building served as a hostel to train farmers, extension workers, and students from institutions of higher learning. In 2001 September RUCID became a limited company by guarantee which made it possible to start carrying out profit making ventures up to date.

In 2007 RUCID also realized that the youth were not participating in the farmer education. An agricultural college was started with the aim of producing youth professional and extension workers. Its curriculum includes food processing.

Rucid Now

TouchingCurrently RUCID has a social services department dealing in dissemination of organic agricultural knowledge and practices to the farmers, extension work to ensure the knowledge and practices are being applied properly, groups, cooperatives and collective marketing, cottage industry, income generating activities. There is also an agricultural college. The business wing is dealing in fruit juice processing, tropical fruit wine making and fruit drying.

RUCID has trained over 250,000 farmers so that they can use organic farming methods to grow their crops, look after their animal and support natural environment so that it can support their present activities for the better future.


Food Processing

Hibiscus-CrateRUCID became involved in food processing as a way of adding value to the food produced and increase the shelf life of the products. Farmers in Kasambya, Nabingoola, Kigando, Kiyuni, and Bageeza Sub- counties of Mubende District and those of Kibuye in Kyegegwa District, have been identified as potential suppliers of pineapples, apple bananas, mangoes and jackfruits.

250 farmers have been registered, trained in sustainable organic production methods and they are in the process of being re-certified for the EU and USA markets.

Quality & Certification

An internal control system has been developed by RUCID, so as to serve as quality system manual. This serves as a guide to the key players in the product chain and to safeguard integrity of the organic quality of the fruits grown by the registered farmers. In order to improve on the quality attributes of our products we are establishing the HACCAP system which will lead our products to be certified by Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS)



1441074574250RUCID has two drying facilities, one situated in Mityana and the other in Mubende with the capacity of producing 50kgs of dried fruits daily. RUCID also processes different types of juices for the local market and all the fruits are purchased from the trained and registered farmers. This process has boosted farmers’ incomes and adherence to organic crop and animal management All processed fruits (Juices, Jams, and dried fruits) produced by RUCID are identified by the trade name of RuciFresh. This being our brand name, we emphasize food and fruit processing by low cost technology, plus solar fruit drying.